Monday, August 29, 2016

CPC+ Session Resources

If you joined us for CPC+, you are most likely still sifting through your notes of amazingness! What a couple days, full of great information and useful tidbits. I know I heard several of my team members tuned in to various sessions in our kids ministry offices and they loved it. 

If you watched my session on training, I had mentioned that I would be posting my notes, slides and templates for our training materials. Sorry for the delay, I had some issues with updating the blog - but we are now good to go! 

Below you will find the materials mentioned in the session, and I am back to regular posts with September being focused on equipping your teams! Check back on 9/1 for that new post, or hit subscribe and it will come to your inbox!

Thanks again for your patience, and happy training!

Click Here for presentation slides

Click Here for our Volunteer Manual

Click Here for our training day booklet

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