Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Leaders touch a heart, before they take a hand.

Reading in 1 Kings this morning, and studying a bit about connection. 

It's so interesting the parallels that jump off the page in reference to leadership today. While Rehoboam had much different circumstances, many are like what today's leaders face as we make transitions and continue to grow where we are. Here's my three parallels from this morning, enjoy! 

1.He was being crowned king, a new leader to an existing group of people.
Much like a move to a new job or church today. 
2. There was a group of people longing to be heard, I don't need to explain that one on today's level. 
3. There was a prior leader who had influenced a core of people still there. In this case, Rehoboam had access to Solomons elders, a great source of wisdom that he chose not to use.

The unfortunate part was that Rehoboam had been set up for success, but his love of power and politics squandered that. When he was crowned king, his servants asked him to lighten their load - his elders clearly told him that it would be an early win if he did. "If you will be a servant to these people today, and serve them, and answer them, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants forever." His initial action of seeking wisdom from the elders was correct, but he chose not to connect on that level. Instead, Rehoboam opted to seek advice from his peers which told him to add to their load. It was an act of flexing power (the easy way out) rather than taking time to invest in his people. 

Chances are, as a leader you are in this very spot in some form. A decision needs to be made, and maybe there are two paths. The easy road of just "calling it" and flexing your power muscle, or taking the time to invest and gain wisdom. 
Here's my lessons from today:
1. Seek wisom in wise places (that's tweet-able right there!) Rehoboam sought out people with no influence or experience. We are told over and over in scripture to let the previous generations pour into us. 
2. Choose the path that connects you to those you lead instead of the one that creates disconnect. Chances are, that's clear. Guaranteed, you can look at a major decision and know that if you are dreading one route because it's not supported you might want to seek wisdom. (yes, there will be unpopular moments as well, but there should b ether ability to know so won is in your corner. 
3. Get beyond yourself, sometimes it's about using your authority to love others rather than get stuff done. The irony is that you will accomplish so much more by taking the time to develop the personal relationships and care for those you lead. This is a hard concept for task driven people, because it forces you to put the to-do list down and just be present with no agenda for a bit.

Now that I have stepped all over my own toes, it's time for coffee! Praying for an awesome day of leadership!! 

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