Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Connecting Church and Home - notes for #cpc15

Here are the basic bullet points for today's session!
and our session selfie too!

Family ministry is not events
  • Families dont need another night to be out
  • A family service does not replace how we equip parents

Four key components of a family ministry
  1. Get Everyone on the same team (ministries and families)
  2. Remove the fear 
  3. Instill the Value
  4. Empower Parents & Leaders   
Teach them WHY

  • Parents need to understand why church and home need to be on the same team
  • Parents need to understand the “why” of what you as a ministry are teaching the kids
  • Parents need to know why it is important to be an active part of their child’s faith journey
    Teach them WHAT

  •    How to pray
  •    How to study the Word
  •    How to serve
  •    How to own their faith in Jesus
   Teach them WHEN

  •    Deuteronomy 6:6-9
  •    Equip them for life’s teachable moments
  •    Teach them how to identify life’s teachable moments
  •    Create checkpoints for children that parents can use as a guide or path
   Teach them HOW

  •    Create a realistic faith path
  •    Provide tools for your families (online or print)
  •    Provide classes for parents
  •    Consider a parent & child class
  •    Don’t leave out the basics
  •    Get families together! Community!!
  •    Offer a get-away to use their skills, let them practice. 

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