Saturday, January 24, 2015

Notes for Beyond Background Checks Breakout

Beyond Background Checks
Heidi M. Hensley
Developing a safety team
  • Safety team positions
  • Calling on Law Enforcement / Fire / EMS.
    Call on these members of your congregation to serve on Safety committees. (i.e.. Luncheons, Church announcements, bulletins, booths in the lobby, etc)
  • Your volunteers
    • As you establish your volunteer list recruit security/safety personnel
    • this personnel needs to be background checked
  • Just like you would make sure a SS classroom is staffed, have a contact list of Safety team.
    Have LE / Fire personal available in emergency scenarios.
    If your church does not have these personnel reach out to your local departments - if not contact us Volunteers
    Develop a volunteer application, including a background authorization form Background check ALL regular volunteers (and have a wait period) (update yearly if your software doesn’t) Identify background checked & trained workers
  • Enforce the 2’s rule
  • Train your volunteer staff
    • Regular training will make your policies effective
    • Medical training & safety training should all be current and rehearsed
    • “Common sense assumes there is no common sense”
    • Make the plans visible and easy & tools within reach
  • Document, Document, Document (protecting your church, kids, & staff)
    • Any incident or Injury should be documented and signed by a parent
    • Medical release forms should be on hand when parents are not
    • Define incident or injury for your team
      Develop an action plan
STAY CALM! Your the leaders, people will react
to your ability to lead especially during a major incident
  • Natural Disaster - be prepared to assist medical personnel, HAVE A PLAN,
    talk to your Fire Department - Train your staff & review it often
  • Medical Emergency - The key is communication. HAVE A PLAN. You don’t
    need 10 people calling 911. Send a trustworthy person street side to guide
page1image20984 page1image21144
first responders to the right location. You only need 1 person per entry. KEEP

Safety Incident (Active Shooter or Subject with a gun)
  • Prepare - HAVE A PLAN. (Start with air horns, etc) Educate your staff on lock-down.
  • A gunman will not spend 5 minutes attempting to breach a locked
    empty room
  • Make your church or facility available for emergency agency trainings
  • How to respond to active shooter
    Church Policies
  • Mandated Reporting
    • If it’s questionable, call!
    • Know your state’s reporting laws
    • Develop a system for your staff
    • Food Policies
    • Consider the use of an allergy form or bracelet
    • Train your teachers to respond to surprise snacks
    • Always have an allergen free option on hand
  • Safety Software or Policies
    • Who arrived, who’s there, who left, and who can take them
    • Be willing to have an “alert” for custody issues
    • If you use a system, use it!
    • Workers should be trained to use the same routine for everyone.
    • Follow your own rules and expect the same of your staff!
  • How to write your policies
    • Know your state laws regarding caring for kids
    • Know your problems
    • Know your church’s culture
    • Don’t over complicate the policy & procedure
    • Make it well known
    • State the purpose
    • Brainstorm the worst case scenario
    • Form a plan to prevent the scenario that aligns with the law and
      honors your church’s beliefs and culture
    • Form a draft
    • Rehearse it
    • Present to elders or administrator (if successful)
    • Return to step 3 until step 5 is successful
    • Make sure they don’t conflict
      Resources to remember: (I thought this was, disregard that)

      My forms (for example reference)

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