Saturday, January 24, 2015

CPC 2015 - Notes for finding your VOICE as a small church kidmin leader

Good morning from the Waffle House! As I sit here and sip my coffee I am happy to share that it has been a wonderful week in the world of kidmin! I was a little skeptical of the location, but have learned that Chattanooga is a cool place, great food, lovely people and great architecture. But I guess if you're from the south, it may not be quite the novelty. I will say, after getting myself through the San Francisco airport the Chattanooga metro airport was quite fun! :)

If you came to any of my sessions, you have probably already received an email with my notes. They are also posted here and hope you find them useful.

Hoping you had a wonderful time at CPC if you were here!
See y'all on the left coast in a few weeks.


Breakout #1 - Kidmin in the Small Church (track)

Finding your VOICE as a small church kidmin leader

Three things to remember when finding your VOICE
Every church is unique
       Take joy in this, and learn who you are as a church, don’t do cookie cutter ministry
       1 Corinthians 12:14-27
Every church can be effective
       Effectiveness is a choice
Every small church has an advantage
       The ability to have personal relationships

       Prayer – start here!
       Find out your pastor’s vision for Children’s Ministry – and know it well
       What exactly do we mean by “vision” – your ultimate goal or target
       Dream a little
       Develop a strategy – and be willing to constantly update it

       Identify your effectiveness – are all the churches around you doing the same thing?
       What can your church or ministry do, that others can not?
       Make connections - the more ministry friends you have, the more resources you have
       Remember, we are all on the same team! Partner with a larger church leader in a mentoring way.
       Resource management
4.     Twitter & Facebook & Pinterest
5.     Lifeway Kids Blog


       Yourself – stay in the word! Make sure you are being fed as a leader.
       Your Pastor – keep him in the loop! Update him about kids being saved etc.
       Your Leaders – Let them have input and ownership! Make sure they know the “why” of what they’re doing.
       Your Parents – Share the vision you have for their kids with them
       Your Kids – Again, do they know “why” kidmin is so important?
       Your City – get out of your walls!


       Know the culture well – this gives you a wealth of information for ministry and design use
       Use it to your advantage – you will know how to minister to your city
       Be willing to see – be the candle in dark places as a church
       Be willing to let God change it – this is easier said than done. Letting go of ineffective practices, or killing off sacred cows.

       Review what you do
       Review why you do

       Review the how – then decide what needs to be kept and do it well!

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