Friday, October 3, 2014

Consisent and Balanced Parenting with Sissy Goff and David Thomas



"too much talk, too much emotion" 

Two consistent mistakes parents make in consistency and balance.

Being a Consistent Parent

Start with a yellow light

Give them a choice....and then accelerate the consequences
  • a signal that tells them you better get it under control.
Follow through

Let the consequences (and one liners) do the teaching

Move on and help them to, as well.

Being a Balanced Parent

Balancing support
  • Too much support limits growth
  • Support through questions
Balancing emotions
  • Emotionally charged moments = mistakes 
  •  Time outs aren't just for toddlers

Being a Patient Parent

Be aware of time (start 15 minutes earlier)

Be aware of your expectations of your child
  • Emotional expectations
  • Social expectations
Be aware of your expectations of yourself

Remember that we serve a God who redeems.  All things.  And all mistakes. Even yours. 

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