Monday, June 23, 2014

Bible Memorization

As I prepare for D62014 and look back on the thoughts from years prior, I found this. I believe with all my heart that we cannot ever embed enough scripture into a child. Sadly, I have heard people say that it isn't as important as I feel it is. Some have the opinion that we should only introduce what they can fully process in scripture.  While the goal is to teach them the meaning, value, and understanding of all the passages they learn, I realize some kids will learn a verse for points or a candy (I know I learned stuff for candy, and probably still would). II personally believe that the verse is hidden in a child's heart and can be accessed and recalled by the holy spirit later in life or whenever needed.

What is your take on this subject, how do you implement memorization in your kids ministry? And what is the coolest method you have ever used?

Happy Monday All!!

Let's process this together!


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