Friday, April 4, 2014

AHA: the God moment that changes everything

Aha: The God Moment That Changes Everything

Bestselling author Kyle Idleman reveals how three key elements can draw us closer to God and change our lives for good.

by Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman's new book AHA (by David C. Cook) is a great read. As a seminary student, I am doing my fair share of reading these days, and I am appreciative of this book. AHA is well written and "real", when we as people of faith seek something that will push us and help us grow, it can be frustrating to thumb through an overwritten book. Idleman did a great job of making it to the point and easy to follow. I think what I appreciate most about this book is the fact that it can be picked up by a very new Christian and fully understood. The Biblical references and principals are aligned well with life application.

In his book, Idleman outlines the process of Biblical transformation and explains how it is profound yet so simple. He explains the three elements of an aha moment; Sudden Awakening, Brutal Honesty, and Immediate action. His no-nonsense approach is refreshing! 

As you read, you are taken through the journey of the prodigal son. I appreciate Idleman's ability to connect to scripture. I personally felt like I had just finished a Bible study, and less like I had just read another book. AHA calls for a great level of personal inventory and is very thought provoking. The use of many real stories of other believers is done very well, illustrating that we are not alone in some of life's trials. Without giving glory to these,  Idleman shares the progression to find grace and move forward. 

If you are a new Christian, you should read it! If you are a person of many years of faith, you really should read it and allow yourself to be challenged. 

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