Friday, October 18, 2013

The history of family ministry in 5 drawings - Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Jesus didn't come to die for your ministry.. He came to die for the people in your ministry.

How did the story line in our ministries get so small?

The history of family ministry in 5 drawings

societies, late 1800's

Efficiency Movement
early 1900's
The factory system turned in to a church
three key components
 centralize - everything is done at the church
segments - everyone is in their section
professionalize - an expert in each area

mid 1900's
A movement that separated the youth from the congregation until they were old enough to be in "big church"

late 1900's
The congregation became a collection of programs; a conglomeration of separated silos.
In this format we do not tell the big story

The family ministry movement is coming from the dissatisfaction of the dis-integration era.

present and future
The answer isn't to get rid of all the programs; it's to connect them. All things have an inward focus (connecting the interior happenings) as well as an outward focus (connecting with outreach)

We are all part of a bigger story of the ages, don't invite people to your church programs, invite them to be a part of a story that's bigger than the ages.

What do I do in my church?
Don't go back and start something new. Go back and transform what is in existence.
TIE! Find out how anything you do fits into "TIE"
Train - teach them how to do something to disciple their kids
Involve - make it rely on parent involvement (and set up back up "parents" for kids whose parents don't attend)
Equip - give them tools

What do you do with you?

Don't find your identity in your ministry, the story is bigger than you. Our story is rooted in Jesus.

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