Thursday, October 17, 2013

Notes for Todd Wagner @ D62013

Three institutions that God values...

  • Family - God's gift to pass on the means to which we can go on

  • Marriage - the building block of society

  • Government - is a divine institution that is designed to punish evil and preserve justice

The bond which forms the family is marriage

Marriage is a big deal because God loves people
Marriage is to mirror God's character

equality, unity, diversity all must be present to properly define the trinity.

The perfect example of the structure of the trinity is displayed in God's design of marriage

4 ways to improve marriages in your church

1. You have got to be authentic

  • look at your own marriage
  • if every marriage in your church looked like yours, what would your church look like?
  • How are you doing at setting the example, are you able to say "imitate me"?
2. Be committed
  • The purpose of marriage is that there would be unity
  • The purpose of marriage is not that you would be un-divorced; there's more
  • When you define love with anything less than the cross, it loses it's power

3. Be connected
  • be connected to others that love you
  • Have accountability
4. Be aware
  • Know that there is an enemy - Ephesians 5:22
  • Be strong in the grace of the Lord
  • Marriage takes place on a spiritual battlefield; not a romantic balcony

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