Thursday, October 17, 2013

Notes for Dr. James Dobson @ D6 2013

Building your family legacy.
What are you going to leave to your family.

His great grandfather dedicated an hour a day to praying for the future generations of his family.

The Lord wil allow you to disobey if you want to, but the consequences are yours.

In the personal testimony of Dr. Dobson, he shared that everything opened up all at once in terms of success.

"It is a dangerous thing for a young man to become too successful too fast"

In the midst of this he explained that his father was a moral compass in his life. His father wrote him a letter that brought light to how much of his focus was being drawn away from his family.

"While we are busy, the world is at war with your children & families for their hearts and minds."

As parents, if we do not reach our children for Christ, you'll never see them again.

To his son, Dr. Dobson said (summarized of course)
"I care about what you accomplish in life, I care about you using your talents for God. But more than anything I want you to be there, be there on that resurrection morning so I can spend eternity with you."

The legacy talk we heard from Dr. James Dobson was primarily a personal testimony. Hearing the history of his family and their faith legacy was awesome and calls for some self reflective questions like:

1. What are you leaving your family?
2. Who is praying for the current and future generations of your family?
3. Have you told (taught) your kids what is most important?
4. How can we as ministry leaders equip our families to have these conversations?

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