Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Action Bible: Review

I recently received my copies of the Action Bible; the Action Bible New Testament; and the Action Bible Handbook. While the Action Bible itself is not a new product to me (my son has one), I had not had a chance to look at the other two.

If you are entirely unfamiliar with the Action Bible series, some basics on it are: It is an illustrated novel form of some of the major stories of the Bible. The books are illustrated by christian artist Sergio Cariello, who started as a very young artist and eventually worked for Marvel and DC Comics.  As I sit here and flip through the book and sip coffee from my wonder woman mug, that's quite exciting for me!

While some kids bring this to church with them, parents need to recognize they won't be able to follow along. The Action Bible is in chronological order and is outlined in story title format. There are no books, chapters and verses. With that said, I see it as a supplemental reading. A child who has read or heard most of these stories in the Bible would truly appreciate the kid friendly chronological layout. Often a concept they find hard to learn. The art and visuals are well done, I appreciate the fact that it is age appropriate yet not so softened it loses the message. For example, we all know Jesus suffered an was in physical pain during the crucifixion. While the illustrations are not gory, there is blood shown when the crucifixion is illustrated. This is almost always edited out for sensitivity, but the fact that the kids get a visual that this was not a "pretty" or "pleasant" experience is so important. The Action Bible itself covers over 200 stories from Genesis to Revelation.

There is also a New Testament only version. This is basically the same content, just in new testament range.

The last piece here is the Action Bible Handbook. While I love supplemental reading for kids that supports Biblical learning, it saddens me when it just ends there. However, this one doesn't. The handbook (at least for me) pushed this series into another level. Supplemental learning is great; but kids need to know how it relates to God's word and that the Bible itself is the truth that we refer back to. The handbook does just that! Kids can look up names, places and things they see in either the Action Bible or their Bible and it gives a brief description as well as the page numbers in the Action Bible AND book chapter and verse to refer to God's word! As a kid's ministry leader, this book is my favorite part of this series.

If you haven't looked through them, do it! You can take a virtual tour here.

Easter is on it's way and parents are always looking for something to treat their kids to. Pair the handbook with either a full Action Bible or the New Testament version, and you have a great gift.

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