Sunday, February 17, 2013

CPC 2013

Who's ready for CPC13? I know I am!

Sitting in Sacramento International Airport waiting for my flight, and forming a plan! There is so much information at these conferences we go to, so how do we absorb it all? Or as much as humanly possible, assuming we want to retain it. I am curious to see how different teams function and "do" conferences.

For our team, which includes the following: Elementary Coordinator; Preschool Coordinator; Infants & Toddler Coordinator, a member of our Summer Day Camp team and me (director of children & family ministries), we try to divide and conquer within reason. Earlier in the year, I ask my team to set goals for the year. This is both to keep things fresh, as well as keeping up with currents trends and technology. It also keeps my team (and me) constantly pushing our comfort zones, trying new things and forcing us to learn. More than any of that, we are constantly trusting that God is in control as we venture into new territory.

So with that said, their goals, paired with the regular ministry items are what we use to decide which breakouts to attend. I encourage my team to take a pause, we are all moms, and usually have a very fast paced schedule. I love that they are driven to absorb as much as possible, while also knowing I may catch them poolside for an hour. Rest, and refill is my hope for them.

This year our list of breakouts covers special needs, room design, organization and so much more. I am praying that my team (and yours) come home full of ideas and the faith and courage they need to implement them well.

This week I will be posting notes from the sessions I personally attend as well as the general sessions. I hope those of you who can't join us log into the live stream if possible. (

If you are headed to CPC, say hello! And hit the reply to share your plan of attack for this conference.

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