Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Partnering with Families - Rachel Key

What kind of families are in your church and community?

What do parents want from a church?
# 1 thing - children's ministry that is fun and "wows" thier kids

Deuteronomy 6

Out of 100 kids polled

48% of kids saw their mom as being religious
28% of kids have had a faith conversation with their mom

23% of kids saw their dad as being religious
13% of kids have had a faith conversation with their dad

Parents who know God will have a greater impact than parents who just know about God.

If its so simple, why isn't the faith walk/talk happening in the home?
Important faith lessons learned at home:
SLOW - four simple things found in the home of spiritually strong kids.

Serve - are you giving your families opportunities to serve together?
Love - how are we teaching families to live their faith out loud?
Obey - do your families use the Bible as their sourcebook?
Worship - what are parents worshiping? And how is it displayed to their kids?

Three levels of implementation:

1. What is in your hands that you can use?

2. What can you bring in?

3. What can you create?

Take it home events... See picture. For age appropriate ideas for families.

Communicating with families
1. Find out how they prefer to hear from you.
2. Resist over communication
3. Be deliberate

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