Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keeping it Fresh - Kurt Goble

Many of us struggle to revise our curriculum, build our volunteer organization, get our teams in place, and create a relevant and exciting program. the. Something unexpected happens. We get bored. What once felt fresh and exciting becomes monotonous.

If you can't get excited about what you're doing, nobody else will.

- is it time for a complete overhaul?
- your system is currently designed to achieve the results you're currently getting.
- lose the bucket method and teach from the heart - we need to be learning and absorbing what we are teaching the kids. Rather than just transferring information.
- shift your priorities and habits - once your good at something it shouldn't consume the same amount of time.
- seek God just for the sake of seeking God, not to prepare for your lesson.
- revisit past failures - figure out what you have learned from them and correct it.
-take some new risks - risk some new failures. Dare to go deeper with what you teach your kids. Find what challenges you.
- listen to or read books by people you don't necessarily agree with
- get back in the leathers chair. Always be learning. Be a lifelong learner
- build something bigger than yourself

"In times of change learners thrive, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to thrive in a world that no longer exists"

-give it away, allow people to grow and assume roles
- learn to do something new that will benefit your ministry
-get in and have fun. Set aside the art of self denial and design something you love.
-find someone you trust and let them critique you. Be wise about how you accept critique. Give them specific questions.
-know if you need to get help. Sometimes with focus, issues, etc. know if you need help via medical, counseling etc. be willing to talk to someone.
-struggles we have should not be attributed to spiritual weakness.

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