Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Engaging children in worship - Jamie Statema

Kids do not need rockstars; they need people who are passionate about worship.

We need to teach children what worship is!
- it's more than just singing
- you can worship God by praying, reading scripture, etc

Prepare for worship
-engage kids immediately as they enter
-have music in when kids come in
-make sure the leaders are high energy
-brightly lit environment

A good start
-energetic welcome - expect a response
-give clear directions
-get kids involved
-don't have dead air
-make expectations clear (especially at for slower songs)

A good set
-start your set with a lot of energy / begin with high energy songs
-have your set planned out. How songs lead into each other
-ask questions and encourage responses
-as you move from fun to serious, let them know.
-plan your set with scripture, announcements and prayer in mind

Keep it simple
-more is not always better
-think quality not quantity

Use the right songs
-don't dumb down your music
-pick songs that are theologically sound
-actions are great - use when appropriate
-actions aren't always great! Use your judgement

-kids don't care if its live or not
-video is a great resource
-is take no instruments over bad instruments
-ask musicians from "big church" to serve where they're needed more.

What about the 5th grade boys?
-be their friends
-mix them up with younger kids
-don't give them too much grief. Involve them in other ways.
-focus on the kids who are into it and eventually they'll come around
-if they don't like to sing that's ok. Just make sure they hear the gospel over and over and over.

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