Monday, November 5, 2012

Review of The Preschooler's Bible

The Preschooler's Bible
by : V. Gilbert Beers

I recently had the privilege of being able to review the Preschooler's Bible. As a ministry leader, preschoolers are one of my largest areas to oversee, so having great tools for my teachers and parents is definitely a plus!

V. Gilbert Beers is also the author of the Toddler Bible, he has been developing biblical reference books for more than 50 years. Beers has authored more than 160 books with 125 of them being for children.

As I read the intro of the Preschooler's Bible, I enjoyed the "To Parent and Teacher" message from Beers. While some may not see this as a key page, I do. In ministry I am constantly faced with new parents looking for answers about how to disciple their own children. Not only do I feel it's a good tool, Beers takes a brief moment to explain three ways to assist your children in learning God's word. He then goes on to say that "The Preschooler's Bible introduces your child to just the right amount of Bible for that age level" much like the Toddler's Bible.

As I looked to review, I thought I would take it to the true critics! Yes, I went and read to some of the preschoolers. Children being able to understand vocabulary, as well as relate what they are hearing to a visual and be able to explain it back to me is important. I read "David Fights a Giant" to the kids. The stories are written in storybook format, with language that a preschooler can grasp. As I read, there were no questions of what certain words meant (which is a good sign to me and I do quiz as I go). I asked the kids at the end to tell me the story again as I pointed to the pictures, they did so and one even offered up a little more detail. Their teacher liked the book and said she would like to use it as a supplemental tool as well. "Sometimes you just don't know how to state it at their level, and this does just  that", she said.

As a tool for new parents and teachers I think it's great. It is beautifully illustrated and the pictures make sense. The only thing that as a leader I noticed, was that I could have handled a little more information. The stories are perfect for the length of their attention span, but as that four year old pointed out "There were five stones", preschoolers are sponges and sometimes I think we underestimate what they can retain. This age group likes the details, and hopefully the goal is that the parents will fill some of those in as they go. The desire Beers has, is that these tools create a craving for the word, and I do feel that is accomplished.

I will be adding this to my "Christmas Recommendations List" that I am making for parents for our family ministry and will happily be adding a few to my teacher resource center.

If you would like to win a free copy; enter your name below on the comments or in a direct message on twitter.  I will be drawing a name on November 10th and will post here as well as on Twitter!


Heidi M Hensley

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