Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Book Review : 52 Creative Family Time Experiences

52 Creative Family Time Experiences

Author: Timothy Smith

As a family ministry leader, I am more than happy to review this book! I am consistently looking for effective tools for my families to use in the home. As a parent, well same story! We have a ten year old and a 16 year old, both boys and have learned that creativity is the key.

As I read through the book, I loved the format. The simple box at the top of each activity that states the Main point, and materials needed, I thought was great. As I read into the activity and discussion pieces I could see how families could really make these into a weekly time that is fun and bonding.

In the beginning of the book, Smith lays out a few tips to get started. Things like, investing time, protection from distractions and flexibility. Sometimes I think it is all to easy to take for granted that these steps will be put into place without prompting, so I appreciate his directions to prepare.  I think parents who take the time to do all the steps will love this book. The book is intended for families with kids of all ages, and does do a great job of adapting for small children.  This is a very hard task as we all know that kids interests change so drastically as they exit that elementary phase. As a mom of two boys that are soon exiting and have exited that elementary age, some of the activities seemed young for my kids. I found myself adapting activities quite a bit; however I could see families with children through about 5th grade taking it as it is written and loving every minute. The book does do what it states "fun ways to bring faith home" and depending on the age and spiritual maturity of your children can be used as is, or modified to go more in depth if needed. I will say the teenage discussion questions were a great conversation starter in our home. More than anything it gives parents a place to start, a set time and a user friendly tool to start discipling their own children.

I would highly recommend to my preschool and elementary families. Available through Amazon, this book would make a great gift to families you may know this Christmas.

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