Monday, October 1, 2012

Mike Glenn at D6

Mike Glenn
Senior Pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church and Founder of Kairos Young Adult Ministry

Are You the beginning?

Some great points and statements made.
  • Awake, adore, abide
  • Could you be an expert at God’s service, but a novice at being His friend?
  •  God can accomplish more in your ministry in  5 minutes that you could in 5 years on your own.
  • Abiding in God will create and awakening like no other
  • There are some things that are only learned in obedience

As you abide and bear more fruit. Your families will see you bearing more fruit and it will create a spark to those around you. Mike spoke about a ministry they have developed called Kairos – a young adult worship experience. In the development days of Kairos he spoke returning to the very old, relearning it and why they did this.

Some facts about today's young adults...
The time between adolescence and full adult hood is much longer now
      First generation born in the digital revolution
      Most marketed generation in history
      Interested in Jesus, but not in the church
      Cynical about institutions
      Driver’s license, debit card, and their phone
      And they’re not coming to church
      They get their news from John Stewart
      You can’t assume their Biblical knowledge

When it comes to what they want from church it is best described as this: “Read it… tell me what it means…tell me how to do it.”

From entertainment to transformation …… we are in the business of spiritual growth not entertainment.
 What does this look like?
Spiritual disciplines need to be taught and displayed in the home as children.

               -Parents are the primary disciplers of their children
-              -Many of our churches are not family friendly with programming sending everyone in opposite directions and being out nearly every night of the week.
               -Our parents weren’t prepared to even share their testimony with their children
               -Parents need to fall in love with Jesus again, as well as prepare their children to do the same as they grow older.

Five ways to do this….
              1. life groups
              2. focus studies
              3. self guided learning
              4. travel for missions trips
              5. community

We want to be a church known for running members off….to the mission field.
Acts 13:1-4
When Jesus saw the faith of the friends of the man who they lowered into the ceiling he forgave and healed the man.

Find a way.

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