Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My #D62012 Review

After a great first time at D6, I would like to share a little of what I experienced. This was my first year attending this conference, and truly had no idea what to expect. I have been to several kids ministry conferences, but nothing that specifically was designed for ministry to the family. Currently as a ministry leader I have spent the last year trying to develop an organized family ministry. Families need tools; sadly they have no idea where to start. Realizing this, as well as realizing the generation that is now beginning to have kids have little to no church background is why I feel a calling to develop a structured ministry to help with this.

My goal at D6 was to go and be a part of the social media team, (which was a blast) as well as come away with a clearer vision of what today's family needs from the church and how to equip them for ministry in their home. Church should be the accent to the in home ministry, not the centerpiece. But how can we as ministry leaders expect parents to pray with and disciple their children if we have not taught them to? So I wanted tools to teach.

I came away with several ideas, books, and a fire that I believe will be putting the meat on this ministry skeleton I have been working on. I wasn't just tossed into a session and given a list of "how to's", which I appreciate! I was challenged within my own spiritual walk, asked to look into myself as a leader before I even attempt to do anything outward. Such a refreshing reminder, as leaders we are always teaching, directing, and well....leading. It was nice to sit back, crack open my Bible and be challenged to assess things within my own life before being taught to apply it outward.

The conference gave a sense of friendly community, I went alone and felt more than welcome and even invited to sit on the grass for lunch at the trucks with a group of leaders from California. During the event, I was able to ask questions and have answers almost immediately from the D6 crew (which was great as part of the social media team). There were interactive activities and fun things as well as time to chat with fellow leaders and debrief some of the sessions. The speakers were great and I felt covered a multitude of areas of ministry that are so relevant for today's church. (dads, blended families, marriage, and so many more) Logistically the setup was great, I am a fan of a clean sleek look and it definitely had that and was very user friendly.

I will definitely be attending again and plan on taking a few more people with me next year. I was unable to attend the pre conference labs, but will not make that mistake again! They're already on my calendar for 2013!

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