Monday, October 1, 2012

A conversation with Beth Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger
Orphan Care and Adoption Advocate - Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries

May I start by saying Beth is one of my favorites, and has been since I first met her at CPC San Diego. As a woman in ministry I love the example Beth sets as a strong, well spoken woman of God. I appreciate that Beth is not a "book leader", while she has books out, she is hands on and clearly displays that she is active in everything she asks others to do. When I hear her speak, she seems like a person who could cast a vision and work alongside those who share it. I was happy to sit down and chat a little with Beth, here is a brief summary of our interview:

I asked Beth; "What is the one thing you desire to share most"? Which she quickly smiled and answered by telling me "That the star of the show is the word of God" and quoted Joshua 1:8. If you have ever heard her speak, this is something you'll hear her quote just about the time she explains the "consumption" of the word of God. 

As a fellow mom, and knowing Beth and Todd have 9 children, naturally I had questions here! Release! What do you do for release? Beth shared that the ability to abide in Christ is her greatest release. Having the willingness to go where God leads her and praying He will equip her with the right tools gives her a sense of peace as God directs her path

When I met Beth for the very first time, her husband Todd was with her. I mentioned that they had a sense of joy about them, their love showed but also the fact that they seemed to clearly just enjoy each others company and had a good time. Marriage tip? Dates! Beth shared that her marriage is a refuge for her, and at 9:30 every night she is a wife (that's it). Some have a date day, they have date evenings. I love this idea of a daily portion of time dedicated to your spouse and nothing more. And parenting, with 9 children, what's your secret? Beth shared that having alone time with each child every day was a great contributor. While as parents we all know it's not a programmable effort for a specific 5-10 minutes, taking the small moments and using them wisely makes all the difference.

Finally, we have heard her talk, and  have witnessed the ministry she is called to as an advocate for children. I asked her for a decision she has made in ministry. Beth shared that the decision to go deep and not wide, the constant conscious decision to gain quality over quantity has been a strong point of their ministry, paired with the desire to "be truthful and not impressive" when she speaks of Back to Back ministries. 

I was honored to get to know Beth a little more. I appreciate her willingness to be so transparent and share some of her ministry and home life. Leadership and ministry can be messy, and getting to serve alongside this sister in Christ thrills my soul. 

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