Friday, September 28, 2012

Richard Ross at D62012

Richard Ross

The D6 movement begins with a believer standing alone in an inner circle. The movement invites that believer to experience an awakening to much more of who Christ is. Such an awakening to the majesty of the Son leads to deep adoration, a desire to abide in Christ, and living to display His glory. In the next circle out, the believer joins the Spirit in awakening a spouse to the glory of God in the face of Christ. With hearts intertwined, they begin abiding in Christ in entirely new ways—because of their awakening. In the next circle out, the couple joins the Spirit in awakening their children to the glory of Christ. They guide the entire family to abide in Christ—together and individually—because of this awakening. In the next circle out, the family goes where Christ already is—locally and globally—and they do what He is doing. They invite his Spirit to live through them to bring Christ’s kingdom on earth for the glory of God. 
Four concentric circles
Me – My Spouse - My Family - God’s Kingdom


      ·      The king who stands above all things invites you to abide in Him through all things
      ·      If you think walking with God is good, wait till you experience abiding in Him
      ·      He wants us to have absolute intimacy with him.

2.  My Spouse

     ·    In the Bible we consistently see the parallel of the relationship to the church with that of a marital relationship. It’s almost as if God is saying, “I want to be one with you in a way that transcends the physical relationship of a marriage”.
    ·      Spouses sharing an awakening with one another will build a strong relationship
    ·      Sitting side by side with your spouse in prayer and deciding that my branch will be intertwined with my spouse and we will tell the king he is wonderful together

3. My Family

      ·      Faith at home practices led by spiritually lethargic parents lead to spiritually lethargic children
      ·      The transparency of mom and dad. Kids seeing that mom and dad are honoring to Jesus is as valuable as in home spiritual practices.
      ·      Leading your children to adore Jesus

4. God’s Kingdom

      ·      Actions and behavior are important but the spiritual presence is precedent.
      ·      Families go where Christ already is –and does what He is doing locally and globally
      ·      Families willing to do dramatic things for his greatness, 

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