Friday, September 28, 2012

Pete Wilson at D6 2012

Pete Wilson

Conference Focus - What’s the connection between Abiding in Christ and family ministry or equipping parents?

We can have the best strategy on the planet, but if we as leaders are not Abiding in the True Vine, are we producing authentic fruit? If the parents we serve are not Abiding in Christ, what will the next generation of the church look like?  Join Pastor Pete Wilson as he walks us through John 15:4-5 and lays a strong foundation for the family ministry conversation. 

"Evidently Pete Wilson’s kids are imperfect too" is what was tweeted just after the opening.  He opened with a story of his son that eventually led to him peeing in the pool. Hilarious, and transparent!

"When in the Bible did God give anyone an easy task?" 

In this room, we have thousands of people with a calling with massive implications. The temptation is to focus on wrong things. What matters most is not what accomplish, what matters most is who you become. We have been called to abide in Him.

Matthew 16  “What should profit a man, if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul”

 Pete shared on of his favorite stories, which is the story of Joshua.   
Passing faith from generation to generation.

Me size solution vs God size obedience

Exodus 33
Moses was addicted to doing for God than being with God

Joshua stayed in the tent with God… he abided

Whether you are a leader, a pastor, or a lay person you must find quiet time.
During the quiet time:

Don’t run to your to do list
Don’t run to the next amazing idea you have
We all need to learn to sit in silence and listen to God speak; initially this will be awkward uncomfortable silence

A few questions to reflect on.

1. Where does my sense of security come from?

2. Do I spend more time thinking about God or making my ministry better?

3. What do I sacrifice to make my ministry better?

4. After worship am I thankful that God is God, or more concerned with how many bodies were in the room?

As a final thought, Pete read a passage from Matthew 11 and I loved his closing thought. “Its almost as if He knew there would be a bunch of us chasing after something other than Him” We need to remember to abide in Him. The same God of the universe that gave you this calling is going to equip you to fulfill it.

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