Friday, September 28, 2012

Fred Luter at D6 2012

Fred Luter - Discipling the Non-Traditional Family

Senior Pastor Fred Luter Jr. began his career as – what he fondly refers to – a street preacher. Before he was called to the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church (New Orleans, LA) in 1986, Luter spent his time preaching on different street corners in the “Lower Nine” area where he grew up. Having received his call to the ministry three years earlier, the members of FABC elected him pastor even though he had no pastoral experience. “I love preaching and teaching. It’s a passion and God has given me a gift.”
Our kids can never be what they've never seen.

Deuteronomy 6

As a man who came from a strong family history of divorce, Fred asked God to please help him break the cycle of divorce. Thirty two years later he has seen that happen. Fred says after 32 years they are "stuck like chuck"! After becoming a pastor he passion is ministry to men, to help them lead there families. Now if you come to any of his services, 47 - 48% of the congregation are men. 

Challenging men with Bible study, and taking the role of the Word of God in their life and in their home. 

If you save the man, the man will save his family.

If families, lives and homes are going to change, these three things must be in place. 

1. The word of God must be evident in your heart Deut. 6:5-6
  • the heart affects the whole body 
  • Is it obvious to your spouse and children that the word of God is in your heart?
  • Can someone see an improvement in your heart because of the Word of God?
2. The word of God must be evident in your home
  • How many of us take the time to teach our kids the importance of the Word of God in their lives?
  • Talking about the word of God should be as natural as any other conversation in your house
  • Your children should hear about God for the first time in your home
3. The word of God must be evident in our habits
  • We cannot isolate our children! But we can insulate them with the word of God
  • Your actions and habits speak volumes much louder to your children than your words.

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