Tuesday, September 11, 2012

D6 2012

I am looking forward to attending this year's D6 conference. I have attended several Children's Ministry Conferences, but this is one of my first Family Ministry conference adventures.

I will be participating as part of the blogging and social media team with a few of my twitter pals, and a few more I look forward to meeting. During the sessions I will be:

  •  live tweeting/updates, on twitter and cmconnect. be sure to follow along with me at @heidimhensley for twitter and use #d62012 to reply and ask questions. For cmconnect, you can connect with my profile here
  • writing a blog entry for each main session, as well as a summary of each day with highlights
  • posting some interviews of both speakers and attendees
  • and for my kids, a random fact of the day! This could be my favorite part
I would love your help with the interviews! I plan to interview both attendees and speakers, just to mix it up a bit. With this in mind, I am wondering what you would ask. Please send me questions you might have as you see the feed come through. 

As a Children & Family Ministry Director, I am thrilled at the chance to dive into this conference and can't wait to share what God shows me. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and getting to know a few more members of the kidmin and fammin family.

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