Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who ya'gonna call?

Who ya'gonna call?

First, if you have any age on you at all, you sang that question and answered "ghostbusters" :). I know I did! Sounds like an easy question, right? As ministry leaders we have several groups of people we can call on. We have volunteer teams, organizational teams, staff teams, and of course parent teams. All these people we usually have good relationships with and can call on them for many things from personal to work needs. However, leadership and life in general can get stressful. I am an advocate for having a release, for me it's exercise. It may take an hour of lifting and a 5 mile run while discussing the matter with God, but I am convinced most petty stresses can fall off your back in 5 miles.

But what about those moments you are faced with more? The personal crisis, the parenting situation you should have all the answers to, the realization you have taken on too much and just need support. Aren't we supposed to do it all as leaders? HA!

In Exodus 17:12 we see Moses needing support. He was to hold up his arms during battle. When his arms fell the Israelites would lose, however if they stayed up they won. Moses did this as long as he could, the part I love is when his arms grew weak he called on Aaron and Hur. If you notice, they didn't take his place, they supported him. They physically sat him on a stone and each held up an arm until the battle was won.

This last week as I wrapped up a summer of what I can only describe as a ministry sprint, I realized I had taken on a lot. I hesitate to say "too much" as I had prayed and felt led to do each one of these things. I didn't want to be replaced, I just needed some help holding my arms up. Ever notice that we come to this realization in the midst of the project? In that moment I called on a team of women I trust to pray. I needed an intercessory team of people, and they were there. I have group of five ladies that I trust enough to say, I need your prayer, my arms are falling. The ministry event took place and I felt I had a gust of perseverance to get through, thanks to these ladies.

So leader, my question to you, who do you call? Here are some thoughts for establishing these relationships.

1. Get them in place, don't try to make these relationships in the midst of crisis.

2. Use people removed from your immediate line of ministry, family, and social circles.

3. Stay with your gender. Often times these are intimate moments, and very close glimpses into your personal life. These are close relationships and wouldn't be appropriate to share with another man or woman other than your spouse.

4. Keep them updated! These ladies prayed, and the next day I let them know I felt their prayers and the changes they had made within me.

5. Aside from your prayer team, have a mentor/accountability partner. Everyone needs someone in their life that they can be totally transparent with. Someone who will speak truth in love whether fun or not.

So I ask again, who's your Aaron and Hur? If you're not sure, start putting some thought into it. It feels kind of odd to ask someone to pray on your behalf, and to even be willing to do so as called upon, but there are prayer warriors all around you, prayer is their ministry and they take great joy in stepping in on your behalf.

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