Friday, May 25, 2012

The view from here.

The view from here.

Honestly, the picture says it all! While I understand that this is not a genius piece of art, it actually kind of is. Both parties can argue from their view, both can see exactly what is in front of them and seeing is believing, right? They have their own proof!

Redundant question alert!: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you absolutely knew you were right? You had proof that your ministry idea was on target, but someone else was in pure disagreement. Maybe it's a parent child argument, or even a marital situation. What I think we sometimes fail to realize is the statement "There's two sides to every situation" is far more true than anyone wants to believe. Or maybe you believe there are in fact two sides, your side and the wrong side, which we can all be guilty of.

Whatever your situation, be willing to move! Be the person who walks over to glace at the other  view. You may find the solution, you may be able to encourage them to do the same. The fact that as a leader you value the other individual enough to at least take a look speaks volumes.

I recently experienced this in ministry, one of those ideas that I could see every hole in as a leader. It would fail and I could prove it on paper. As I fought every urge to veto the situation for a change in this particular instance, I simply took a Sunday to enter the building and watch from the viewpoint of the other party. The holes were there, but easy to fix, and far less than the benefit of the change. At our next meeting I simply shared that after the review I too agreed it was a good change and we moved forward. My team member felt valued and that she had been given the attention needed.

I am curious, as ministry leaders, as parents, or even as spouses, do we alter our view to see what others are seeing? It's so easy to say, "I've done this for 17 years, that won't work" (said much nicer of course) when things come our way. This has become part of what I try to use in mentoring as well. There are moments that I do share experiences that have flopped and encourage a different route, however there are those points that turn out great and I too learn a new trick.

What do you need to look at differently?

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